Dream wardrobe? Yes please!


I am a complete girly girl at heart

I love fashion, mixing up my look and dressing comfortably yet making it affordable. When Brad and I were considering building a second home, I started to toy with the idea of maybe having a dream makeup/wardrobe area that could be my own “happy” place in our house. Once we chose a home design we liked, we realised that we were able to make quite a minimal change in the plan to be able to make this happen. And so my dream was born! We were to build an empty shell of a room ( better described as a backwards L shape ) just next to our bedroom and fit the wardrobe out ourselves with a system from Ikea called PAX. We had costed up having it done by our builders but spending up to $20,000 dollars was definitely not an option for us. We did however get the builders to build the makeup vanity and mirror as that was going to prove to be too time consuming to find someone to do it.

Next came the design process! Ikea made it incredibly easy to help with the designing and layout. You are able to put in your measurements of the room into the online PAX system and you can add in your shelving from there. It takes into account costs as well so we were able to get quite a good idea of how much it was going to cost us to get some basic items to be able to at least have somewhere to hang our clothes! Once we had an idea of what we needed, we trekked off to Ikea, 2 hours later out we came with 4 trolley fulls of assorted flat pack shelving ready to install. To say this was a mission to get this home and unpacked was an understatement. We just had to remind ourselves that spending about $5000 compared to over $20,000 was our reality and the hard work of putting everything together would only be for a short period of time.

Brad and I have all our clothing items in there from shoes to hats, handbags, pyjamas etc. We were also able to get rid of an old chest of drawers we had that carried a lot of clothing and add these things into our new wardrobe. For us this home is going to be somewhere we want to possibly live for as long as possible, so it meant doing everything right and adding in the things we weren’t able to the first time we built.
Overall, we are both extremely happy with how the wardrobe has turned out. Brad and I both wanted an area of the house that we could have as our own type of sanctuary. He chose to have a cool man cave, and I chose a wardrobe that would rival even Carrie Bradshaw’s. And if I’m having a bad day or need an excuse to dress up, you’ll know where to find me.


Handy tips


– If you are building/ designing a custom wardrobe, maximise as much space as possible. I guarantee you think you won’t use the space, but believe me you will!

– We are still adding shelving to our wardrobe up to a year later. Yes, this means trips to Ikea become more frequent ( whose really complaining here!) but we are saving a lot of money in the long run so we are prepared to know projects like this take time

– Try and be as organised as possible. You’ve got this great space now so utilise it! Keep things clean, dust regularly and go through your items to make sure you aren’t hoarding anything unnecessary

– If you do so happen to use the Ikea PAX system, my advice would be to add up how many shoes, handbags, hats, clothes etc you have before you get started. This will give you a good idea of how many items of specific shelving you need. For eg, I over did my calculations and purchased one too many shoe racks. Yes, you can return them but it just means you have to make another trip to Ikea just to do this


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