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Coming up to 2 years ago, Brad and I decided to embark on another crazy adventure full of stress and surprise and build for the second time

We had already been down this route before back in 2013 when we built what we thought was going to be our forever home. The first time we built was incredibly stressful. We were both very young, could not afford to buy an already established home and were desperate to stop paying rent towards someone else’s mortgage. In hindsight, we both wish we knew a lot more about what we were getting ourselves into, but at the time we were just so overwhelmed with the prospect of owning this beautiful brand new home that we just went along with the process.

The build time from slab down took us probably no longer than 6-7 months and ta-da, we were now in this beautiful new home, but very short of funds! Anyone who builds a home will know what this feels like. Your backyard stays a sandpit for months, you eat on your couch because you are yet to buy a dining table and for the first couple of weeks you are in such a moving daze your daily routine has become somewhat of a sleepless, tired zombie.

We decorated and loved this home for 3 years before one day, our minds started to change on how we felt about it. What we thought we loved at the start was either too small for us now or we were unable to change without costing a fortune, so we started toying with the idea of if we could possibly afford to build/buy again. After a lot of decision making, we decided to undertake the challenge of building again, yet because we knew we could build a home for cheaper than we could buy and again we wanted to move into a brand new home that was designed completely by us. We weren’t as worried about building this time around as we knew a lot more about what we specifically wanted, we had a lot more money to spend and we planned and thought our design of our new home out for weeks and weeks before we were completely confident we hadn’t missed anything

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The downside now was putting our first home onto the market and deciding where we were going to live for the next 1-2 years. Brad and I┬ádon’t have family close enough for us to stay with so we made the hard decision to rent again. This time around was especially hard. I remember crying on our first night in our rental saying to Brad “I think we have made a mistake in selling our house”. Even though I knew we were building our next new home, it was especially hard to think of what we had let go and to live in a house for the next year or two that we had no emotional ties with and one that we did not love.

We chose a different builder this time around. Not for the fact we didn’t like our first one but we ultimately found a home design we loved with another builder. Unfortunately, the build process wasn’t as smooth this time around as the first time we built. A lot more mistakes were made, even though they were rectified very quickly, it did put a dampener on the building process for us. Overall, from slab down to key handover it again was only about 6-7 months which was great and design wise we are very happy with our home so far.

We took things a lot slower this time in terms of decorating and refurbishing our home. The main reasons were of course financial and we didn’t want to buy something new which we weren’t completely happy with just to fill a space like we did in our last home. So for that reason we are only just starting to finish our backyard, we’ve bought a new couch only a month ago and our dining table was without chairs for a few months while we scoured the internet trying to find ones we liked. We are very determined to make things perfect in this home as we are reluctant to build again, only for the reason we highly doubt we could purchase land in a location better than what we have at the moment. So for the meantime, we are loving adding new, exciting pieces into our home, making it feel like an extension of ourselves and enjoying spending days lounging around looking at what a great job we’ve done so far to make this house feel like a home.


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