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Paint palette cupcake decorating for Valentine’s Day! 🎨❤️️

If your looking for a sweet and special after school Valentine’s Day treat to surprise your kids with, well look no further because this paint palette cupcake station is sure to steal everyone’s heart this Valentine’s Day. Don’t limit yourself with what goodies you fill your paint palette with either! Things like your child’s favourite fruit or cereal can also be added! Have fun decorating!



What you’ll need


🎨 Paint palette (I purchased a set from Kmart. I will include a few options on where to buy depending on your budget and how many you’d like to purchase in a pack)

🎨 Pre purchased cupcakes or cupcake packet mix 

🎨 Assorted baking decorations




🧁 3 pack paint palette set | Kmart| SHOP HERE

🧁 1 paint palette | Officeworks | SHOP HERE

🧁 5 pack paint palette set | Spotlight | SHOP HERE

🧁 Paint pot tray | Kmart | SHOP HERE









*No brands/stores were asked to collab for this blog piece


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