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Playroom reveal!

Well this playroom has been months and months in the making

I wanted this space to be magical, colourful, bright, fun and functional for Noah. Something totally different to how I normally decorate! And a place where his toys would hopefully stay put without sneaking their way into my lounge room each day (wishful thinking…) I’ve listed everything possible below that I have bought for this space as well as trying to include some handy tips and things to think about if you currently going through your own playroom design journey!



 Tips for an awesome playroom in the making


-Are you stuck for ideas? Pinterest and Instagram were my biggest inspiration. I usually start with one little idea of what I think might work and then start researching like a mad woman. I usually like to make sure I’m quite happy with what theme I’m running with before I go out and start spending money on decor

-Strapped for cash? Well that’s ok because you don’t need to spend a lot to make your playroom a fun place for your kids. Heck, most kids would be happy with a damn cardboard box to play with! I bought a lot of things over time and stored it away, and I also shopped at a lot of big chain stores like Kmart, Target and Ikea. I completely believe in shopping and supporting small businesses when I can, however I think its also perfectly ok to mix chain store items in if that’s the way your budget goes

-Don’t have a lot of space or your room is not that big? I did a lot of research in what type of main storage I wanted to use for Noah’s playroom and found that the TROFAST system from Ikea was the best one that worked for us. This clever little design comes with a variety of different combinations on how to store your items. Your able to put these storage boxes on the floor, attach them to the wall (if space is also an issue), you can have the combinations vertical or horizontal and the plastic storage tubs can slide out easily which makes it super helpful for little hands

-Labels! Although Noah is still a little young to obviously read and know where his toys will need to go, it will be a huge help to know that once he is able to, he can have a role at the end of the day in helping put back them back to where they need to go. I have bought a lot of my labels in my kitchen and laundry from Little Label Co so I will be getting some for my toy storage tubs from here. Another fun option is to put the picture equivalent instead of the word onto your storage. For eg. If you have a box of puzzles, why not print out a picture of a puzzle to put on the box instead?

-Declutter and rotate toys regularly! I’m sure your 6 year old would probably prefer not to have to play with his old one year old toys so make sure every few months you go through the room and have a good clean out. Keep the toys your child isn’t using regularly anymore for either sentimental value, donate or throw them away if need be

-Shared playroom anyone? Although Noah is lucky enough to have a whole playroom to himself for now, there will come a time that he will have to share this space with someone else. Personally, I’ve tried to go for a design that I feel can work with either boys and girls and if need be, I can always add in other pieces for when we do add another child into the mix (and if that may be a girl) If your in the same boat and would like to make your nursery pretty gender neutral, have a think about what types of decor you could add in that will work for both genders. Animals, certain floral/garden decor, neutral paint colours, etc. And if your style is to have a playroom that’s full of just pink or blue that’s totally ok too!




Playroom details | Where to buy


Fashionell lion print – Hello Little Birdie 

Woodland ABC chart – Adairs 

Lion animal head decor (Sold out) CLICK HERE for similar items

Jeweled crown – Jack & Willow

Green leaf jungle wall decals – Little Rae Prints 

Wooden height chart – Dapper Mr Bear 

Toad stool wall decals – Little Rae Prints 

Wood table and stool set – Mocka 

Abacus – Ikea 

Geen toys airplane – David Jones

Floor rug – Kmart 

Speedster ride on car – Temple & Webster 

Wonky rainbow – Pretty in Pine

Numero 74 garland – Bloom & Co 

Rattan book holder – Vintage find

Pom Pom round grey rug – Adairs 

Penguin soft toy – H&M

Bear face soft toy – H&M

Numero 74 star cushion – Jack & Willow 

Grey star cushion – Kmart

Lion face cushion – Kmart

Grey/brown/black bunny’s – Miann & Co

Toucan soft toy – H&M

Octopus soft toy (Sold out) CLICK HERE for similar items

Mustard canopy – Ebay

Twinkle lights – Kmart 

Noah wooden sign – Zilvi

Cane mirror (Sold out) CLICK HERE for similar items

Wood moon plaque – Nirvana dreaming 

Boho garden wall mural – Ginger Monkey 

Fruit stand – Kmart 

Assorted fruit & vegetables – Ikea 

Felt bacon – Mels Creative wishes 

Felt donuts – BrookeyBelle 

Play kitchen – Ikea

Assorted toy utensils – Kmart 

Assorted wooden toys in tubs – Kmart

Le toy van vegetable and fruit crates – Lime Tree Kids 

Felt llamas – SHOP SIMILAR Bed bath and table 

Sloth pot with plant – Kmart 

Letter N melamine cup – Design Stuff 

Scrubber brush – Kmart

Wooden bowl – Ikea

Gingham tea towel – H&M

Rattan basket – H&M | Rattan table (Sold out) CLICK HERE for similar items

Rainbow stacker – Kmart 

Happy go ducky wooden mouse stacking toy – Peppa Penny 

Happy go ducky wooden truck – Happy go ducky 

Combi van toy (Sold out)

Babynoise tambourine – Small supply co 

Little Beau suitcase – The Ivory Fawn 

Australian post box – Make me Iconic 

Rocking horse – Freedom 

Wooden rocket – Kmart 

Shapes & colours puzzle – Kmart 

TROFAST storage combination – Ikea

Gold hanging lanterns – Domayne

Rattan toy wagon – Tiny Harlow (not pictured)


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