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Max & Noah’s December 1st box 🎅 2023

Hello December! The Christmas tree is up, the festive songs are blasting from the radio and our December 1st box has made its return to our household! Both of my boys are just so excited…

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Reindeer candy cane chocolate bars 🦌

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s that time of the year again for another cute and sweet festive treat and boy this is a yummy one! And if your time poor like I always seem…

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The boys shared December 1st box – 2022

How lucky am I that I get to celebrate Christmas with not one but TWO kids this year! So that means our December 1st box will now be a shared one between my two boys.…

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Noah’s very first Christmas Eve box ! See what goodies I’ve popped inside this year !

This is the very first year I have decided to introduce a Christmas Eve box into our home! Noah is now getting to the fun age where he now has some sort of idea about…

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The yummiest & easiest Christmas tree brownies

  When you have the opportunity to combine one of your all time favourite desserts with the most magical holiday season of the year, you know that something amazing is going to come out of…

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