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Reindeer candy cane chocolate bars 🦌

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s that time of the year again for another cute and sweet festive treat and boy this is a yummy one! And if your time poor like I always seem to be, these little Reindeer chocolate bars will be the easiest thing you make this Christmas!




❄ Milky way bars (you can of course use any type of chocolate bar for this recipe)

❄ Mini coloured candy canes | Purchased from Kmart

❄ Candy eyes | Purchased from either Coles/Woolworths

❄ Red mini M&M’s

❄ Writing icing (also feel free to disregard this one if you would prefer to make your own icing from scratch)




❄ Grab a chocolate bar and a pair of candy canes and proceed to carefully place them into one end of the chocolate so they are in the shape of antlers. Do this as gently as you can (and if possible more towards the underside of the chocolate) so as not the break or disrupt the chocolate bar




❄ Get two of your candy eyes ready and your gel icing stick (feel free to stick the candy eyes on with your homemade icing if you prefer. I found it far less messy however if I used a icing stick) and place them onto your chocolate bar. Roughly in the middle should be fine




❄ Lastly is the red nose! I used a mini M&M, but again feel free to use whatever chocolate/candy item you’d like. I used the icing stick to secure the nose onto the chocolate bar



❄ Pop into the fridge to set! Yummo!




*Thoughts and words are of my own. No brands/stores were asked to collaborate with this blog piece

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