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The boys shared December 1st box – 2022

How lucky am I that I get to celebrate Christmas with not one but TWO kids this year! So that means our December 1st box will now be a shared one between my two boys. As Max is only 11 months old, it was a little hard to figure out what to put in the box for him as he is still so young. But I did still want to include him in the festivities. So I added in some cute Grinch pjs to match his big brother with, a little plush Santa toy, his own Christmas cup and plate, a new book and lastly a yummy gingerbread cookie treat. I can’t wait to continue on with this tradition each year with my boys, and to watch their faces light up each December 1st while they pop their new Christmas pjs on and rummage through all their goodies in the lead up to Christmas 




⋆ Basket | Target – SHOP HERE

⋆ Reindeer tags | JessLovesJoe – SHOP HERE

⋆ Grinch pjs – Currently unavailable

⋆ Craft kit – Currently unavailable

⋆ Christmas plates – Kmart | Shop similar HERE

⋆ Noah’s cup – The Reject Shop | SHOP HERE

⋆ Max drink tumbler – Kmart | SHOP HERE

⋆ Gingerbread men cookie – Coles | SHOP HERE

⋆ Kids cutlery – Woolworths | SHOP HERE

⋆ Santa plush toy – Kmart | SHOP HERE

⋆ Bath bomb – Target

⋆ Gingerbread tree kit – Target | SHOP HERE

⋆ Reindeer wooden paint craft – Kmart | Shop similar HERE

⋆ Santa letter – North Pole Post Co | SHOP HERE

⋆ Thomas the Tank engine book – Big W | SHOP HERE

⋆ Never touch a reindeer book – Kmart | SHOP HERE

⋆ Santa treat board – Nirvana Dreaming | SHOP HERE

⋆ Santa key – Timber Tinkers | SHOP HERE

⋆ Milk cup – Purchased from my local newsagency





*No stores were asked to collab for this blog. All thoughts are words are my own 

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