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The yummiest & easiest Christmas tree brownies


When you have the opportunity to combine one of your all time favourite desserts with the most magical holiday season of the year, you know that something amazing is going to come out of it! These cute little Christmas tree brownies are not only delicious, but incredibly easy to make and can also be used as great end of year presents

Because I had a lot of the ingredients already at home, I managed to walk away with spending under $10 on the remaining bits and pieces that I needed for the recipe. These cute little treats are sure to be a big hit with everyone in your family, I certainly know mine wont last long in my household!





1.Brownie mix – ALDI | Roughly between $2-$3 dollars. I already had this in my pantry so not 100% on the price (Side note- If you haven’t tried this brownie packet mix from ALDI I swear it is the BOMB DOT COM)

2.Green food dye – WOOLWORTHS | $1.10

3.100 & 1000’s sprinkles – WOOLWORTHS | $4.50

4.Star sprinkles – COLES | $3.00

5.Candy canes – COLES | $1.00

6.Sandwich bag for piping the icing – WOOLWORTHS | $1.60 (Any plastic sandwich bag at home will do if you’ve got them, otherwise you can use a proper piping bag)

-You will also be needing 2x eggs and butter for the brownie recipe and icing sugar and butter for the icing-






1.Firstly you will need to make your brownies so follow the steps on the packet mix and allow to cool before you start icing them


2.Once the brownies are cool enough, you are going to need to cut them into the triangles for your little trees. I would suggest you start off with cutting two lines through the centre of your brownie mix which will leave you with three rectangular sections. You can now cut these three sections into little triangles. You may get a few little off cut bits from the ends which I just discarded


3.You can start to make your icing mix now. I used a basic recipe I found online and added 4 drops of green food colouring to the mixture. The shade of green of your mixture is personal preference and the more drops you add the darker it will be


Basic icing recipe 

1 cup of icing sugar

25g of butter (I softened mine in the microwave for about 10-15 seconds)

Either milk/water (1-2 tablespoons) if needing to thin out consistency of icing



4.Once youve gotten your icing to the colour and thickness desired, you will need to spoon it all into a sandwich/piping bag. I used a plastic sandwhich bag I already had at home and cut a small corner from the bottom to allow the icing to come through. Now just carefully pipe the icing onto your brownie trees in whichever pattern you like

5.You will need to add your star for the top of the tree while the icing is still relatively wet so I found it best icing a few trees and then decorating them. Handy tip *I found the icing a little thick so my sprinkles didnt stick on very well at first. If you put a tiny bit of water onto your finger and run it over the icing you will find that the sprinkles stick a lot better this way



6.Lastly you will need your candy canes to make a tree base. These are easy enough to snap in halves or however big you would like the trunk to be and just carefully place into the bottom of your brownie

And voila! Place into fridge to set and now to just wait and see how long they last in your household!


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