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Noah’s very first Christmas Eve box ! See what goodies I’ve popped inside this year !

This is the very first year I have decided to introduce a Christmas Eve box into our home! Noah is now getting to the fun age where he now has some sort of idea about Christmas, so it seems only fitting that we start our little tradition of a beautiful Christmas Eve box for him, all filled with wonderful goodies which will be ready and waiting for him to have fun with on the day. We never did anything like this when I was growing up so I am so excited to be able to introduce these new traditions into our home and for our family! I have kept things relatively simple this year in what I’ve chosen and apart from his Christmas Eve treat board, I’ve mainly bought everything from my travels around the shops. The fun and joy about a Christmas Eve box is that you can put in it whatever your heart desires and what you know your child/children will love. And as Noah is only 2 and a half years old, I haven’t tried to make it too complicated for him so this year I’ve left out the reindeer food and Santa key and have just included a whole bunch of fun, toddler friendly items. Some beautiful Christmas books for us to read to him, a new plate and cup and cutlery to use, a fun Christmas character to paint, two cute little red car tree decorations, some new snazzy pj’s to put on Christmas Eve, some yummy Christmas choccies and popcorn (which will go perfectly with the best Christmas movie ever Home Alone. There I said it!) and lastly his very own gingerbread house to build on Christmas Eve which is a tradition we have started to do as a family all together since Noah was born


So what do you typically put in a Christmas Eve box? 


If you head on over to google or Pinterest and type this question in, you’ll soon find that you will be bombarded with a whole heap of different pictures which will give you a fairly good idea of what to put in your box (like what I did as I was completely stuck for ideas with it being my first year and all!) Most of the research I have done thus far, I’ve come to the conclusion that a Christmas Eve box is given on this evening to help your children get into the spirit of Christmas early (I love that idea ) Now, I also think the main thing we should take out of a Christmas Eve box is that there is no right or wrong way for how you should present it to your kids, what you should put in it, when you should give it to them or how much you should even put in it. Or heck, even if you even want to do one at all! I have only purchased items that I know Noah will love and use and that also for the most part fit into a “Christmas theme”. I’ve listed below some more ideas for you of what items you might want to put into your Christmas Eve box!


● New pyjamas to wear

● A sweet treat to eat while watching their movie 

● Christmas themed books to read the night before

● A new cup and plate to use for lunch on Christmas Day

● A new ornament so when your child leaves home they will have their own set

● Board games

● A classic Christmas DVD

● Santa treat board to leave out overnight

● Craft activities to do as a family

● New toothbrush

● Christmas themed mug

● Slippers

Reindeer food

● A magical Santa key to let him in at night to drop the presents off

● A new soft toy

● A letter to Santa

● Snow globe

● A new outfit to wear on Christmas Day

● A small toy ie car, blocks, bubbles 




 Our wooden Christmas Eve box



(*Note – Christmas Eve box not pictured as unavailable on website. Similar is shown above)





Paint with glitter book | SHOP HERE

Scented bubbles | SHOP HERE

Elf chase book | SHOP HERE

That’s not my Santa book | SHOP HERE

Merry Christmas book | SHOP HERE

Santa’s surprise book | SHOP HERE

Cutlery set | SHOP HERE

Section plate | SHOP HERE

Christmas friend’s chocolate | SHOP HERE

Christmas cup with straw | SHOP HERE

Glass red car ornament | SHOP HERE

Festive red car ornament | SHOP HERE

Assorted paint your own Christmas character | SHOP HERE

Pyjamas | SHOP HERE

Santa wooden treat board | No longer available due to Christmas cut off  (NIRVANA DREAMING)

Kinder chocolate | SHOP HERE

Gingerbread house kit | SHOP HERE

Popcorn | SHOP HERE




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