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Marshmallow candy cane mugs. The cutest December holiday treat !

You all know how much I just love to whip up cute little holiday treats each time the season’s roll around and Christmas is definitely no exception to that! This time of the year means lots of serious Christmas partying starts to happen and you are left with having to come up with a fun and affordable treat to bring. These little marshmallow candy cane mugs will be the CUTEST addition to any kid/work party that falls in December and even better yet, they are super affordable to make with only a few ingredients needed! Winner!


*You’ll find all these items at your local supermarket. I purchased all these items from Coles. Candy canes were purchased from Kmart*



○ Grab your packet of marshmallows because you’ll be using these bad boys first! I chose to get the bigger marshmallows as they will be easier to work with rather than the little ones. Your going to need to make two separate cuts into your marshmallow as this will be where your little candy cane handle will be placed. I chose to also buy the smaller candy canes as well (the larger ones will be too big for your marshmallows) and found these super cute colourful ones in Kmart to use



○ Next up you are going to have to try and snap your candy canes so you are just left with the curved section. This will form your handle ! I found it was actually super easy just to cut them with a knife and they didn’t break at all (just be very gentle!) When you place your candy cane into the slit in the marshmallow you won’t need to worry about it falling out as it will easily stick to the inside



○ Now if your wondering what the ginger nut biscuits are for, well this is where they make their appearance as they will now form the base of your little mug as a little plate! Simply lay them out and ready to go as for your next step you will be using melted chocolate and you’ll need to work quickly before it starts to harden. Feel free to use any type of biscuit base. I have seen these made with chocolate biscuits so it is truly whatever your preference is!




○ When melting your chocolate chips you can either melt them over the stove top or in the microwave. I find it just easier to put it in the microwave. If you are melting them this way they don’t need a lot of time to melt so make sure to keep your eye on them as you don’t want to over cook the chocolate. I didn’t measure out the chocolate I just placed a little handful into a bowl as I wasn’t needing to melt a lot




○ Once the chocolate is melted, place it quickly while hot onto the base of your biscuit and then pop your marshmallow straight on top. You won’t need a lot just a little spoonful. If you are planning on making quite a few of the marshmallow mugs I would suggest to have the all your marshmallows ready with the candy canes in them as you don’t want the chocolate to harden up in the meantime



○ Feel free to use the remainder of the chocolate for the tops of your marshmallows if you like and you can add in your hundreds and thousands to make them really feel like a real little mini hot chocolate! Or if you have any marshmallows left over you can cut these up finely and add on top of the melted chocolate. Make sure to pop them straight into the fridge once you are finished so they can set!


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