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Noah’s RAWR-some 4th birthday!

I’m in disbelief as I write this, wondering exactly where the time has truly gone and how I seem to have acquired a big four year old boy overnight! Celebrating the birthday of your children is extremely bittersweet. You go between wanting to see them grow and flourish and discover their beautiful new little personalities, to wishing time would slow down completely and let you freeze every precious moment for just that little bit longer. This year, Noah’s 4th birthday was spent in lockdown (he unfortunately tested positive for Covid the day before his birthday) but we didn’t let that stop us from still giving him the best day that he deserves. Presents were swiftly ripped open and played with, he had the run of the house the whole day (not much different to any other day to be honest ha!) and chocolate cake was eaten for dinner. So practically living the life I’d say! I’m in awe everyday of this beautiful boy of ours and am so glad that he still had a great birthday, even if it didn’t exactly go to plan. Fingers crossed for next year though that hopefully we can celebrate his day with a little more company!


Craft station 




➻ 3 tier trolley | Kmart | SHOP HERE

➻ Bucket | Kmart | SHOP HERE


✳ Noah is fairly into drawing/colouring at the moment so I had been toying with the idea of making him a craft station for his birthday. I know that a lot of people use a similar trolley from IKEA but I wasn’t trekking out there at any point so I did a bit of research and found this great one from Kmart. This way he has easy access to all his craft bits and pieces for when he wants to do some activities after school. As you can see I used 12 buckets which are also from Kmart to hold all the items which fit perfectly onto the trolley. They were a steal as well for only $2 each. All craft items were purchased from Kmart/Target




The cake



➻ Dinosaur kingdom cake toppers (purchased originally from Myer) Can be found HERE

➻ Wooden dinosaur cake topper | Shop HERE


✳ As requested Noah wanted a dinosaur cake for his birthday this year, which worked out perfectly! A few years ago I purchased these gorgeous colourful dinosaur cake toppers from Myer and stashed them away with the hopes that one day, Noah might want a dinosaur cake for one of his birthdays. The wooden personalised cake topper I purchased separately from a store on Etsy which I have linked as well



➻ Noah’s knit | Miann & Co | SHOP HERE



*No stores/brands were asked to collab for this blog. All thoughts and words are my own

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