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Bunny Oreo cookie pops 🐰


I love Easter and I sure do love an Oreo (or two!) so combine them both and they are sure to make the perfect little sweet treat for Easter. You can most definitely make them without the treat stick/skewer attached and the decoration part is yours to play around with as well!






*All products purchased from Woolworths


Candy eyeballs

❀ White chocolate melts

❀ Marshmallows

❀ Skewers (you can also use treat sticks if preferred)

❀ Mini m&m’s (I found the normal sized m&m’s a tad too big)

❀ Oreo’s

❀ Sprinkles (I went with a pink/white theme and used some leftover Valentine’s Day sprinkles but feel free to use whatever colour you like)

 Bake paper (not pictured)

*Optional – coloured ribbon for bows





❀ Carefully twist and separate your Oreo cookies and set aside. Cut your marshmallows as well (corner to corner) and dip the sticky side into your sprinkles and set aside as these will be used for your bunny ears. Make sure the rest of your ingredients are accessible and in bowls/on a plate



❀ Melt your chocolate 


❀ Spread some of your melted chocolate onto the point end of your skewer and place onto the icing side of your Oreo. Add the other side of the cookie on top and press firmly together



❀ Spread the melted chocolate all over the rest of the Oreo and place onto a plate (make sure to use bake paper to prevent the cookie from sticking)



❀ Place two of the marshmallow ears onto the top of your Oreo, as well as the candy eyes and m&m for the nose (feel free to draw on whiskers/mouth with icing writing gel)






*No stores/brands were asked to collaborate for this blog

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