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Flower pretzel bites 🌸

You know I’m a lover of all things quick, simple + easy when it comes to recipes, so when I saw these little flower pretzel bites I just knew I had to try them for myself! They are a great little treat for Easter (or any time of the year to be honest) and I just love how colourful they are. Hope you enjoy making these as much as I did!




❀ White chocolate melts

❀ Pretzels (if you are able to find the checkerboard pretzels they will work much better but regular pretzels also worked fine)

❀ M&M’s






❀ Separate your m&m’s into their colours first! Trust me this will save you a loooot of time in the long run


❀ Line a tray with baking paper and place your pretzels on top


❀ Place a chocolate melt on top of each pretzel and proceed to place your tray into the oven at approx. 190 degrees (I melted my chocolate in the oven but feel feel to use the microwave if that is more convenient. If that is the case your pretzels can just go on a microwave safe dish instead) They won’t need long so keep your eye on them. Mine took roughly a minute to melt



❀ This is where the prep work that you did earlier will come in handy as you need to work quickly before your chocolate hardens! Start by placing one m&m into the middle of your chocolate melt, and then carry on by placing the rest of the m&m’s around the pretzel to form the petals (It’s best if you can leave your pretzel flowers on your bake paper tray for the next step as you are at risk of breaking them if you move them while they are setting)



❀ Place into the fridge to set and then into an air tight container once hardened








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