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Ghoulish ghost apple pies 👻


Try out these cute ghost apple pies this Halloween! You can also get super creative and make some some in other spooky characters, let your imagination run wild! 



Ingredients 🛒


👻 Puff pastry (any brand will do)

👻 Apple pie filling (you can of course make your filling yourself however I purchased a tin of apple pie filling from Woolworths) Jam is also a great alternative to use 

👻 Egg wash/ and or milk 

*Optional – Brown sugar or icing sugar for topping 






🥧 Draw your ghost picture onto a piece of paper and cut out. Lay your paper ghost over the top of your pastry and slowly trace around using your knife to cut (I found it was a lot easier to cut the pastry when it was still slightly frozen) 



🥧 Make sure to cut out two ghost’s from your pastry, you will need one for the base and one for the top




🥧 To make the eyes and mouth for your ghost I used a straw for the eyes and a piping nozzle for the mouth. You can use pretty much anything you like though to cut out the features 




🥧 Place a tiny amount of apple pie filling onto your pastry (don’t overfill or they will be hard to close together) and then place your remaining pastry (with the face) over the top




🥧 Using a fork, press down on all the edges around the pastry and then lightly coat with your egg wash/milk





🥧 Cook at 190◦C for approximately 20 min 

Enjoy your spooktacular treat!






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