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Oreo love bug cookies – The sweetest little Valentine treat

These sweet little Oreo love bug cookies will be sure to make anyone’s heart skip a beat this Valentines Day! Your kids will absolutely love decorating these little treats themselves as well! I bought all my ingredients for under $10, and with no baking required I’m sure these little cuties wont last long in your household!



♡ All ingredients bought from Coles. Also available at Woolworth’s*




♡ You will need to make your icing first since you will be using it to cover half of your Oreo to create a little “shell” for your love bug biscuit. Consistency of the mixture is key. Try not to make the icing mixture too runny as it won’t stick well enough to the biscuit. To make the icing sugar mixture I simply put in about a fistful size of icing sugar into a small bowl and kept gradually adding water until it became a nice thick consistency. You can also use butter instead of water to make your mixture if you’d like. As far as the colour goes I chose red icing and the saturation of how much colour you’d like to use is personal preference


♡ Next up you can start to spread your icing over the Oreo cookie. You can always dip the cookie straight into the icing however I found it just as easy to spread it with a knife. You will only need to cover half of the biscuit with the icing



♡ Time to decorate! Do this stage quickly so you can avoid the icing mixture setting too quickly. I would suggest you make one cookie at a time too. You can buy whatever sprinkles you like however to keep in with the Valentine’s theme I chose the mini hearts. I found it a lot easier to put some of the sprinkles into a bowl first and used a small spoon to place them on the top of the cookie. Dipping them straight in would work fine too




♡ Last step is to place the little eyes on your love bug! I already had a little decorative icing stick on hand (using a tiny dollop of icing from your mixture will work just fine too if you don’t have one of these) and I placed two tiny drops of icing on the top of the Oreo (on the plain end which isn’t iced) and then placed the little eyes on top. Your now finished and your little love bug cookies are now ready to eat! It also helps if you pop them into the refrigerator to help the icing set before you eat them



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