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Baby shower joy

Planning our little boys baby shower was certainly a well thought out labour of love in the making

I wanted this day to be special for absolutely everyone there, myself included so I knuckled down and started to dream away ideas of how relaxed and magical I could make this event. We already knew our little bubs gender and I’m a lover of all things boho and floral, so I set myself the task of incorporating this into my special day.
I knew that I wanted to prepare this baby shower myself as well (control freak!) so Pinterest, Etsy, Ebay and Instagram turned into my best friends for the next few months. I highly recommend using these websites for ideas if you are planning on hosting/organising an event yourself. I took a lot of ideas I saw and re did them myself, for a fraction of the cost. Another tip I would provide would be that if you are able to, start a savings account a few months before your baby shower. I did this and it certainly made things a lot easier when I wasn’t stressing about money closer towards the date
The two biggest challenges I faced were the floral backdrops I had planned to have for the day, if I was even able to pull off making both of these and how they would even look. So, I started devoting a lot of time on my weekends to making these pieces. I found the earlier I started the better, as I was then able to focus on other things the week of the baby shower. A lot of things also became out of my control on the day as we had very strong windy weather the day of my shower. This meant I had to put a huge piece of wood board underneath my backdrop to keep it still which I wasn’t happy about nor had planned for. Try not to sweat the little things though as I’m sure most of your guests would not even care/notice these little hiccups on the day

The best part of my day for sure was seeing the excitement, happiness and appreciation on everyone’s faces over the things I had created for them to enjoy. This certainly was a very special day and its unbelievable to think in a mere matter of weeks we will soon be meeting our little boy.
Of course a huge thank you as well to everyone who came to celebrate, who helped in the preparation of the day and all the gifts that were brought for bub. Thank you ever so much


Bits & pieces


– Floating flower backdrop – Flowers from Ebay
– Flower backdrop – Curtains from Ikea/ leave garlands Ebay
– Food table- All the platters and boards are my own/ Cupcakes and cake made by me
– Baby shower signage- Digital download from WishfulPaperie/ Tressel from Spotlight
– Favours- Candles from Ikea. Material for top of candles was clothing that was going to be donated. Thank you tags from Etsy
– Baby prediction cards and sign – ShopHadleyDesigns and JanePaperie
– Bubbles labels – Misspokadot
– Baby “pin the dummy” game – Ebay



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