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Little nursery love

This room in our home would be the most special one of all for me to be able to decorate and I was determined to make sure this little longed for baby had a room fit for their dreams

Before Brad and I found out we were expecting, I would scour the internet looking for ideas and inspiration over what I would be able to do to decorate this little room in the (hopefully) near future. I made sure I would get ideas for both boys and girls decor as Brad and I had already agreed we would find out the sex of our baby once we knew we were expecting. Personally, I would have found it very difficult to be able to decorate a nursery if I didn’t know what gender our baby was. I found it easier choosing decor pieces and a theme specific to what I imagined our little bub would love.

I had been buying gender neutral pieces here and there before we found out what we were having so once we knew we were expecting a little boy, my mind went into overdrive. I decided to go with a woodland/Scandinavian theme. I loved seeing nurseries that were filled with little animals and trinkets, and little pieces that were picked up over time that slotted into place in the room like they were always meant to be there. I found plenty of my inspiration from Pinterest, Etsy and to be honest, a lot of other people’s Instagram feeds. I loved seeing how people would decorate their nurseries, and it gave me the inspiration to do things I would have never had had the idea to do.

The pieces I have found to decorate the nursery have come from far and wide. I don’t have anywhere specific over where I like to shop, I love to decorate with pieces from anywhere and everywhere. Some of my best finds have been from Kmart for example. I wanted this room to be as much of a little haven for our little boy as it is for Brad and I, and since we will be spending quite a bit of our time in here as well, I wanted pieces in here that we wouldn’t have to change so much over time



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