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Easter PJ haul – Suiting all budget’s !


A trip from the Easter bunny is only a few weeks away and because of that I thought I would get my little booty into gear and plan out a totally awesome Easter pyjama guide that will hopefully suit to everyone’s budget’s and style. The minute I start to see Easter pyjamas hitting the shelves I grab whatever I can straight away as I’ve learnt from previous holiday seasons that the longer I wait, the less chance I’m going to be able to find something (and usually in the size I’m after) So I’m giving you a good few weeks notice to make some tough decisions over which cute pyjamas you see that you’d like to buy for your kiddlywinks. Run don’t walk people!






1.The long sleeve zip romper (Limited sizes) | SHOP HERE

2.Bambi pyjama set | SHOP HERE

3.Bunny romper | SHOP HERE 

4.Rabbit romper | SHOP HERE

5.Easter HOP pyjamas | SHOP HERE

6.Chirp grow suit | SHOP HERE

7.Organic navy blue set | SHOP HERE

8.Bunny pyjama set | SHOP HERE

9.Organic little hop bodysuit | SHOP HERE

10.Peter Rabbit set | SHOP HERE

11.Chickadee organic romper | SHOP HERE

12.Bunny zip suit | SHOP HERE

13.Bunny zip wonder suit | SHOP HERE

14.Bunny bodysuit | SHOP HERE



K I D S  &  T E E N S




1.Florence long sleeve pyjama set girls | SHOP HERE

2.Striped Easter bunny pyjamas | SHOP HERE

3.Blue bunny flannel pyjama set | SHOP HERE

4.Carrot long sleeve pyjama set boys | SHOP HERE

5.Every bunny’s hero pyjama set | SHOP HERE

6.Bunny hop pyjamas | SHOP HERE

7.Ice pink bunny pyjama set | SHOP HERE

8.Knit pink pyjama set | SHOP HERE

9.Bunny forest pyjama set | SHOP HERE

10.Organic little hop pyjama set | SHOP HERE

11.Long sleeve board bunny set (PRE ORDER) | SHOP HERE

12.Sweet pyjamas | SHOP HERE

13.Beatrix Potter pyjamas | SHOP HERE

14.Blue striped bunny pyjamas | SHOP HERE

15.Blue bunny pyjama’s | SHOP HERE

16.Chickadee long sleeve top + pants | SHOP HERE







1.Bunny black and white flannel pants | SHOP HERE

2.Peter Rabbit men’s sleep shorts | SHOP HERE

3.Peter Rabbit long sleeve set | SHOP HERE

4.Flannel blue rabbit pyjamas | SHOP HERE

5.Pink bunny flannelette set | SHOP HERE

6.Blue bunny pyjamas | SHOP HERE

7.Hop along bunny fleece top | SHOP HERE

8.Hop along bunny fleece pants | SHOP HERE

9.Women’s fluffy bunny set | SHOP HERE

10.Easter egg customized face boxer shorts | SHOP HERE



S T O R E S   S E L L I N G   G R E A T   E A S T E R   D E C O R


Hello Little Birdie

Jack & Willow ( 20% off Easter at the moment EASTER20 )


Potterybarn kids ( 25- 40%  off Easter )

Leo & Bella

Eve of Indigo

Bed Bath & Table ( 25% off Easter in store and online )

Pickwick & Sprout






*No stores were asked to collab for this blog, all words and recommendations are purely my own*

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