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Noah’s first Easter box !

This is the very first year I have organised an Easter box for Noah and I am SOOOOO excited to watch him open it up on Easter and see his little face light up once he get’s to see all the little goodies I’ve popped inside for him! I decided not to leave out an Easter treat plate this year as I feel he still isn’t quite old enough to grasp what that really means just yet and I would rather enjoy that moment with him when he is old enough to appreciate it. I started collecting bits and pieces for Noah’s personalized wooden Easter box quite a few weeks ago after doing a huge amount of research online and scouring Pinterest for ideas on what to put in it. Personally, I didn’t want to put in a lot of toys as Noah has enough already. I also didn’t want to include lots of chocolate as he will get a truckload of that on the day and lastly, I wanted to fill his box with items I knew he needed and would get the most use out of. So, after many a late night of researching, I think I have found the very best items to put into this little boy’s Easter box that I’m hoping he will thoroughly enjoy!



Wooden Easter Box

The wooden Easter box I decided to buy for Noah was from JiMi Keepsakes. This small business has a vast array of beautiful personalized wooden and decor items. Unfortunately I am unable to link the box as the time frame for Easter delivery has already been cut off so it has been removed from their website, however I cannot recommend this company and wooden box enough. The size is perfect ( L 36cm x W 34cm x D 15cm ) and the quality and intricate detailing of the box is unbelievable. I was able to fit everything I bought for Noah in this box comfortably and I could have put even more things in if I had wanted to. It is something I will cherish and use for a long time. At the time I made the purchase you were also able to choose if you wanted to buy your box and have it include two personalized lids ( one for Easter and one for Christmas ) however I opted not to and just went with the Easter lid. You are able to buy a Christmas lid by itself for the box as well and they usually come out around Christmas time




Easter treats for box

I tried to keep Noah’s Easter box as relatively easy as possible in terms of what to put in it. A new outfit to wear on the day and new pyjamas to wear the night before. A few “need” items being a new toothbrush, drink bottle and Easter themed socks. Some books, a few interactive toys and lastly, of course you can’t forget the Easter choccies!





Long sleeved pyjamas | SHOP HERE

Bunny tee | SHOP HERE

Shorts | SHOP HERE

Bunny socks | Currently unavailable online SHOP HERE for similar items

Combi van | SHOP HERE

Wonder cup | SHOP HERE

Alphabet flash cards | SHOP HERE

The best Easter egg hunt ever book | SHOP HERE

Lets spin cars book | SHOP HERE

199 animals book | SHOP HERE

Toothbrush | SHOP HERE

Carrot soft toy | Currently unavailable

Peter Rabbit keepsake tin | SHOP HERE

Easter stamps | Shop similar HERE

Chocolate carrot + chocolate bunny lollipop included into box as well. Little chocolate animals were put into the Peter Rabbit keepsake tin



*No stores were asked to collab for this post, all words and recommendations are my own*

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