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A fun and affordable gift guide on how to spoil your Mum this Mothers Day !


Our poor world is under a huge huge strain at the moment which means that now more than ever we should be celebrating and appreciating the people that matter the most to us, and one of THE most important people out there who deserves a whooooole lotta love and pampering are our dear Mum’s! Mother’s Day is just around the corner, 24 days to be exact so you’ve still got plenty of time to suss out how you would like to make this day a special one for her. I love creating these gift guides because sometimes I also get a little stumped on what to buy and I love to showcase brands and products that I absolutely adore, and also put the spotlight on some new brands that you may not have heard about before. So, with that being said I wanted to do something a little different to my Mother’s Day gift guide this year mainly because I know there are a lot of families, individuals and businesses out there who are really feeling the financial strain due to what is happening in our world right now. I still wanted to give you all the opportunity to purchase something and to make my gift guide as affordable as possible, so for that reason I have made every item in this guide under $40. Most of these pieces are at such a reasonable price too that even with shipping included you will still be under budget. I’ve listed a huge range of products in here with a whole mix of small businesses to purchase from, and then to the regular larger chain stores. And for those of you who were hoping not to really spend too much (maybe not anything at all) I’ve made sure to include a whole different list of fun and affordable ideas to try that will also be great to spoil that special lady in your life with

Happy Shopping !



Gifts that won’t cost you a fortune


♡ A home cooked meal! Give your mum the night off and treat her to her favourite dish. And if cooking is not your strong point, there is always the take away option!

♡ Plan a movie night for her. Lets be real, mum is probably sick to death of watching Frozen for the 5000th time so why not set up the couch for her with some blankets and comfy cushions and buy her some of her fav snacks and leave her to watch Sleepless in Seattle in peace. You know she deserves it

♡ Being a mum myself the days of a nice long hot shower and the idea of a relaxing bubble bath are now a distant memory but I do know that if I were to ever get a chance being able to soak in a nice hot bath uninterrupted sounds like absolute bliss. Hair treatments and bath bombs are not too expensive so why not grab a few beauty items and treat your mum to a little at home spa session

♡ Spend the day doing her jobs for her! Contrary to popular belief, your mum does NOT enjoy running around after you and being your little snack bitch so why not give her the ultimate gift of not having to worry about laundry, cooking, cleaning or breaking up sibling fights for the day

♡ Breakfast in bed! Eggs on toast or chocolate, us mum’s aren’t fussy!

♡ A sleep in. Need I say more

♡ A magazine or book subscription. If your mum already has one of these why not update it for her by paying for a few extra weeks on her subscription as a surprise or better yet just go ahead and sign her up for her favourite magazine so she can receive it right to her door!

♡ Take her out for a picnic. Bring your own goodies and find a beautiful secluded spot where you can all relax and get some fresh air while your at it

♡ Does your mum love gardening or growing her own fruit and veggies at home? Why not make her up her own little pot with some of her favourite seeds in it. Better yet, you can also buy a plain pot and decorate it yourself. Bunning’s have some beautiful terracotta one’s that start at just $1 SHOP HERE

♡ The best gift of all? Go and see her, text her or call her! In the end, you are your Mum’s favourite gift!


Mother’s Day gift idea’s all under $40!



1. Bumblebee embroidery kit (pre order mid April delivery) | SHOP HERE

2. Coconut & Lemon sugar body scrub | SHOP HERE

3. Coffee cup | SHOP HERE

4. Felt wide brim hat | SHOP HERE

5. Suzie jewellery box | SHOP HERE

6. Pink glitter clay stud | SHOP HERE

7. Flannel sleep shirt | SHOP HERE




8. Rattan coat\hat rack | SHOP HERE

9. Mini scrunchies | SHOP HERE

10. Sunglasses | SHOP HERE

11. Chill pill large bath bomb | SHOP HERE

12. Wildflower banner | SHOP HERE

13. Lace up sneakers | SHOP HERE

14. Cupcake pyjama set | SHOP HERE





15. Tortoiseshell hair slides | SHOP HERE

16. Cable knit slippers | SHOP HERE

17. Hallow necklace | SHOP HERE

18. Trinket box | SHOP HERE

19. Glitter socks | SHOP HERE

20. Pocket hug | SHOP HERE

21. Fleur headband | SHOP HERE

22. Fairy bread earrings | SHOP HERE

23. Dachshunds door mat | SHOP HERE




24. Essential oil roller | SHOP HERE

25. Colour me calm adult colouring book | SHOP HERE

26. Pink gingham pillowcase | SHOP HERE

27. Manifesto notepad | SHOP HERE

28. Queen eye mask | SHOP HERE

29. Personalized bamboo recipe book with pen | SHOP HERE

30. Woven straw hat | SHOP HERE

31. Love grows here planter stick | SHOP HERE

32. Mumma bear mug | SHOP HERE




33. Scarf | SHOP HERE

34. Mother’s Day cookie gift box | SHOP HERE

35. Round beach towel | SHOP HERE

36. Tie waist dress | SHOP HERE

37. Llama bathmat | SHOP HERE

38. Belly butter | SHOP HERE

39. Eye treatment | SHOP HERE

40. Wood zodiac constellation plaque | SHOP HERE

41. Turtleneck knit jumper | SHOP HERE




All words and suggestions are my own, no stores were asked to collab for this blog

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