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Noah is TWO !


So our sweet little boy Noah turned TWO on the 8th of May 2020 and his birthday this year was a little bit different to the fabulous first birthday party we had previously thrown him the year before. Being in isolation this year made things a tad difficult to know what to do for him. A lot of businesses weren’t open along with a lot of playgrounds, cafes and restaurants. Our local zoo was closed as well and we were also restricted to being in groups of a very small amount of people, so this made things a lot more difficult in terms of what could be done for him. Noah’s dad also wasn’t able to be home for his birthday due to work which did suck, BUT I most definitely wasn’t about to let all these factors stop me from still creating a beautiful and fun filled day for our little guy. Everything that was included on the day for him from the decor to the food was either bought cheaply, recycled from his last birthday or was made by me. There is really no reason why you can’t create an affordable, magical and special day for your child’s birthday. The most enjoyable part of my day for sure was watching our baby light up at all the simple things. Sugary food, sparkly balloons and a giant cookie cake are what a boy’s birthday dreams are made of!


Party decor + the finer details  





Napkins | SHOP HERE

Plates | TARGET

Animal straws | SHOP HERE

Number TWO cake topper | RED DOT

Balloons | All from Red Dot + Kmart

Number 2, Paw Patrol and small silver circle balloon | SPOTLIGHT

Happy Birthday garland sign | SHOP HERE

Garden party signs | SHOP HERE 

Cupcake holders/favour bags | Recycled from his 1st birthday



Noah’s cake 


Bringing this cookie cake to life that I had envisioned in my mind was one of the best highlights of my day! I came across the idea on Pinterest and in true Cassie form, knew it was something I could potentially have a crack at making myself. And honestly it was not as hard as it looks to make! I’ve listed the ingredients below and it’s really as simple as buying only 3 different items! To start, you will need 2x packets of cookie mix, cake mix and frosting. The brand of these mixtures is a completely personal preference as well. To make the large cookie top and base, mix up a pack at a time of the cookie mix and spread out onto a chopping board making sure to flatten it enough that you will be able to make a decent sized circle out of the mixture. I used a round cake tin and placed this on top of the mixture and cut around it with a knife to make the circle. Just repeat with the other packet mix to make the second large cookie. I used the same tin to make the two cakes ( the ones that will be in between the two large cookies ) as this would ensure the whole cookie cake would remain the same size. When it came to icing the cake, I found it easier to do when it was completely assembled. You may need to place some icing in between the two layers of the cake in the middle to keep them in place, however I didn’t worry about putting icing between the top of the cookie and cake and the base of the cookie and the cake.

The cookie monster cake topper was just the most amazing finishing touch and I was so so happy with it! I was blown away by the quality of the cake topper and I just can’t recommend Kristy enough who designed the cake topper for me. I found her business on Etsy and asked her for some specifics on what I wanted and if she would be able to create it for me. She was prompt and helpful and more than happy to accommodate my request for what I wanted to create. Mr cookie monster was just the most perfect addition to the cake and again, I would very much recommend Kristy for if you are needing any sort of cake/cupcake decor item made for a birthday party or special occasion




Cake mix | SHOP HERE

Cookie mix | SHOP HERE

Frosting | SHOP HERE


Marble cookies


I made some of these similar style cookies for Noah’s first birthday last year, so as a little treat to the people who came on the day I wanted to do the same thing again. These ones are very easy to make and using pretty much nearly all ingredients from your local supermarket. Again, I used a packet biscuit mix ( the pack I used came with separate m&m’s in the mixture but I just left them out so my cookies were plain ) however feel free to use a different mix or make your cookies from scratch if you’d like too as well. When it comes to the icing, I used a ready to roll mix from my local supermarket that was plain white so you are able to add food colouring to the mixture if you would like to create a marble effect or just leave the icing as is. The ready to roll icing comes with instructions on the back on how to create the marble effect. All it takes is to roll out a small section of the icing mixture onto a flat surface and add a few drops of colouring onto the icing. Roll the icing into itself, making sure the colouring is well mixed through and you should start to see the marbling happening on the icing. When your happy with how it looks, flatten the mixture out again and cut out whichever section you’d like to use with your cookie cutter and place onto your biscuit. I used a letter press to personalize the biscuits, I’ve listed below where you will be able to pick one of these up from


Note * The cookie mixture I chose made approx 18 cookies. The size of the ready to roll icing packet was also enough to cover all of the cookies I made



Letter press | SHOP HERE

Ready to roll icing | SHOP HERE

Cookie mix | SHOP HERE

Food colouring | SHOP HERE

Cookie cutter shapes | SHOP HERE

Clear bags to hold cookies | TARGET



Rainbow balloon garland


I made the rainbow balloon garland by scratch, however you can buy a kit for it at Kmart which I will link below. There are always heaps of tutorials you can watch on YouTube about different balloon items to make and this is where I get a lot of my inspiration from on the special balloon creations that I make for Noah



Rainbow balloon garland kit | SHOP HERE


Cassie + Noah’s outfit’s










Overalls | SHOP HERE

Shoe’s | SHOP HERE

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