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A lemon theme inspired baby shower to celebrate our darling second boy’s arrival

Celebrating our soon to be second little boy’s arrival at my baby shower was such an amazing day! I think the key to any good baby shower is good food and great company and I made sure that I most definitely had both of these things! Apart from the hiring of some tables, I did everything myself! A tad stressful yes (ha!) but if I know I can do it for cheaper and be just as happy with the end result instead of having to hire or outsource, then I’m more than happy to take on the stress to do it!





Table hire

Cockburn Party Hire

Truly can’t say enough kind words about this company. I sent a quote request through and had a reply within minutes, nothing was also ever an issue when dealing with Lisa via email. A great company to have dealt with with such prompt delivery service



Everything else

▹ Cake topper | Flowers by the vase | SHOP HERE

▹ Baby shower sign | A Wild Bloom printables | SHOP HERE

▹ “One more to adore” cookie stamp | Lulu + Stone | SHOP HERE

▹ Floral wooden rolling pin (for cookies) | Ebay

▹ Glass drink dispenser with stand | Kmart | SHOP HERE

▹Metal drink tub | Kmart | SHOP HERE

▹ Water bottle labels | Zazzle | SHOP HERE

▹ Napkins | The Party Parlour | SHOP HERE

▹ Chalkboard banner | Big W | SHOP HERE

▹ White lanterns | Big W | SHOP HERE 

▹ Scalloped paper plates | The Party Parlour | SHOP HERE

▹ Blue rim paper plates | Gone bazaar

▹ Napkin holder | Ikea | SHOP HERE 

▹ Chalkboard sign’s for drink dispensers | Kmart | SHOP HERE

▹ Baby clear white balloon boxes | Ebay | SHOP HERE

▹ Chrome stackable basket large | Kmart | SHOP HERE

▹ 3 tiered dessert stand | Kmart | SHOP HERE

▹ Wooden crate | Kmart | SHOP HERE

▹ Cutlery rattan tray | Kmart | SHOP HERE

▹ Lemon balloon garlands above drinks table | Balloons purchased from Red Dot and leaf stems purchased from Kmart | SHOP HERE

▹ Decorative jars | Kmart | SHOP HERE + SHOP HERE

▹ Glass milk bottles | Kmart | SHOP HERE  + SHOP HERE

▹ Baby boy letter balloons | Red dot

▹ Straws | Kmart | SHOP HERE

▹ Paper cups | Kmart | SHOP HERE

▹ Tassel rug | Target | SHOP HERE

▹ Terracotta pots | Bunnings | SHOP HERE

▹ Cake stand | Kmart | SHOP HERE

▹ Balloons | White (purchased Kmart) White sand (purchased The Base Warehouse SHOP HERE) Pastel matte yellow (purchased The Base Warehouse SHOP HERE) Pastel matte yellow 60cm (purchased The Base Warehouse SHOP HERE)

▹Thank you bags | Big w

▹ Flowers in terracotta pots were daisies from Bunnings



DIY Arches

I did my best to try and find some arches to hire but I had no luck. Most were booked up or were only available in colours that I wasn’t really keen on. So while we were at Bunnings one day I asked my husband if it were possible for us to make our own (and on the pretence of it of course not being too costly and easy to make) We had a look in the trade section and found some chip board panels (Standard particle board panel) that were a really great height and width for only $30 each. I wouldn’t say its imperative that you use exactly what we did, we just found for the price we wanted to pay and the strength of boards we needed these were the best option. We bought two panels so we could use one for our large arch, and the second panel would be used for our smaller arch. The only other thing you’ll need is a jigsaw to cut the panels and some paint! Cost wise it was less than $100 to make both the arches and paint them. And in all honesty it really didn’t take too long to cut the chip board panels. My husband had both arches cut out in less than 15 min

In terms of how we stood the arches up, because we already had some pre drilled holes in our brickwork we were able to attach a galvanised bracket to the arch and then into the brickwork. And then for the smaller arch we used another bracket and that was attached from the back of the smaller arch to the front of the larger arch so it meant we could have both arches free standing



▹ Taubmans SAWDUST | For the pastel yellow looking arch

▹ For the large arch we used some leftover exterior white paint we already had in the garage

*Both arches took about 2-3 coats of paint each*




Noahs outfit | By Billie | SHOP HERE

Cassie’s dress | Girl and the sun | SHOP HERE




*No stores/brands were asked to collaborate for my baby shower. All thoughts and words in this blog piece are of my own*

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