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Candy heart checkerboard brownies – A sweet tooth lovers dream!

Chocolate, brownies and lollies. One might even say the perfect combination! Mix them all together and what do you get? The perfect decadent and yummy Valentines Day treat. And they look pretty stinkin’ cute too! All you need is a brownie packet mix, some icing and some conversation heart candy’s and your good to go! These candy heart checkerboard brownies are the perfect addition to any Valentines Day and so so super easy to make!





‣ Brownie mix | Woolworths

‣ Coloured icing sticks | Woolworths

‣ Conversation love hearts | Red Dot



Let’s get baking


➭ First things first, whip up your brownie mixture. You can use any type of mixture (The chocolatier the better I say!) even a cake mixture would work too so whatever tickles your fancy!



➭ Once your brownies have been made, ensure it has properly cooled down before you ice it. After you’ve finished your icing, pop your brownies into the fridge to let the icing set. You don’t want it to be too runny on the top once you start to decorate them



➭ Next up your going to need to cut the brownies into squares. Size wise its completely your choice, however you will need to make the squares a fairly decent size so your able to fit the heart lollies comfortably on top. I was able to make 9 squares out of my mixture and they were the perfect size for decorating


➭ You will need your gel icing next. Colour wise again its whatever your choice! If your planning to make these especially for Valentines Day then you might want to use a pink or red icing to stick with the theme. I had some red and yellow icing sticks already in the house so I decided to use those


➭ With the icing you will need to carefully make a pattern onto the top of the brownie that looks like a checkerboard. I didn’t worry about letting the coloured icing set before placing the candy hearts on the top but you can most certainly leave them to set first before you decorate if you like



➭ Place your candy hearts in the squares that have been made with the icing next. You can put them wherever you like and then your done!





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