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Make it an egg-stra special Easter with this cute bunny ear biscuit recipe!

Easter is fast approaching and with that comes another Easter treat! I found this adorable bunny ear biscuit recipe online and just had to have a crack at it myself! This recipe is fabulous too. It’s easy enough for your kids to help make with you, it’s budget friendly and there’s no baking involved. Three of my favourite things!






✶ All ingredients can be purchased from your local supermarket Coles/Woolworths. This is exactly what I used but feel free to substitute the biscuits for a cheaper option if need be. Everything listed here came in under $15





✶ Firstly get your biscuits ready by lining them up on a chopping board or plate. I always find it easier to have all my ingredients prepped and ready to go, especially if I am working with icing as you need to work somewhat quickly before it sets. Make your icing next (I usually don’t follow a recipe for this just icing + water does the job and you can start off with about one cup of icing and make more if need be) cut your clinkers in half and add some of your sprinkles in a bowl ready to go



✶ Next cover each of your biscuits with the icing mixture. Best if you add the sprinkles straight away as you dont want the icing to set too quickly



✶ Once you have made enough of your sprinkle biscuits you can add your bunny ears! If you’ve got left over icing mixture you can easily use this as a glue. Dip the back of each clinker into the icing and press down onto yur biscuit to create two little ears



✶ Now pop into the fridge to set! Easy peasy and the yummiest Easter treat. And perfect for school or kindergarten treats!





✶Thoughts and words are of my own. No brands/stores were asked to collaborate with this blog piece


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