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Spooky spider choc chip cookies for Halloween 🕷️

The spooktacular season is upon us again, and with that comes one of my favourite parts (alongside eating copious amounts of chocolate and lollies!) which is making a quick and easy treat for the season. This year for Halloween I stumbled across these spider choc chip cookies online so thought I’d try my hand at them. They are great to make with the kids and you can let your imagination run wild with the design! Even better is that they don’t cost a fortune to make!




➻ Feel free to use whatever cookie mix you like. I’ve used this mixture before and found it tastes great and only takes about 15 min to bake. You can always swap the choc chip cookie recipe for something healthier if you’d like

➻ I found the writing icing is a lot better to use to help stick the eye decorations onto the Maltesers with. The black gel is quite runny. As I already had the writing icing at home I just used whatever colour was available. You need to use the icing to stick the Maltesers onto your cookie so you wont see the colour you’ve used as it will be hidden with the Maltesers

➻ All ingredients can be found at Coles/Woolworths. Unless your making a huge batch you won’t need a big bag of Maltesers just a small one will be fine

➻ I was going to use licorice for the spider legs but since I already had the black gel at home I decided to use that which worked great too


Let’s get baking


⋄ Firstly, you’ll need to bake your cookies and let them completely cool down before you start to decorate them. I also found it a lot easier to push the centre of my baked cookie down slightly to create a small dip as it prevented the Maltesers from slipping off too much (the icing will also help stick them down too)



⋄ Next up you’ll need to pop two Maltesers onto the middle of your cookie, making sure you use a tiny bit of icing to hold them in place. I found the black GEL was waaaaay too runny to hold them down, so I used my writing icing sticks and they worked great. You do not have to go out and purchase these, I simply had them at home and have found they always are very handy to use for any type of baking I do. You can also make your own icing at home to keep costs down, just make sure the mixture isn’t too runny



⋄ Once the Maltesers are stuck into place you can pop your candy eye decoration’s on. Again, I used the writing icing sticks for this part




⋄ Next up will be your spider legs! Feel free to use licorice as well if you want for this part, I just used the black GEL as I ran out of the black writing icing. Lightly draw 8 legs on top of the cookie coming from the spider’s body and then pop the cookies into the fridge to set!



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