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Strawberry jam love note recipe 🍓

I couldn’t believe it when I stumbled across this recipe online! With just a few simple ingredients, this sweet little recipe is sure to make anyone’s heart sing this Valentines Day. And if strawberry jam isn’t your thing, swap it out with chocolate, Nutella or any other yummy flavouring you’d like!




❤️ Shortcrust pastry (must be short crust as you don’t want your pastry to rise in the oven)

❤️ Strawberry jam/whatever topping you’d like to use

❤️ Egg lightly beaten (to brush pastry with at the end) OR milk

❤️ Small heart cookie cutter (optional)





⋆ Preheat oven to approx. 190 degrees


⋆ Roll your pastry out flat and cut some diamond shapes out with a knife. You should be able to make about 4-5 diamonds depending on how big you cut the pastry. Use the remainder of your pastry to cut out some heart shapes with your cookie cutter (or freehand if you don’t have one)




⋆ Put a small amount of strawberry jam in the middle of your diamond (try not to put too much filling inside as I found it does spill out quite a lot once they are in the oven. You can always add more filling when they are cooled down) and then proceed to fold in each corner except for the top. Your pastry should look like a little envelope now




⋆ Place your pastry heart over the middle of the envelope. You may need to push down slightly to make sure its held in place securely



⋆ Pop all your jam envelopes onto a baking tray, brush with your egg/milk wash and place into the oven. Easy as that!






*No stores/brands were asked to collab for this blog. All thoughts and words are my own





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