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The perfect little pumpkin treats for Halloween 🎃 No baking required!

Every Halloween and Christmas I love to get my bake on and whip up cute, fun and easy treats and these little rice krispie shaped pumpkins will certainly be a sure fire hit with the kids! The ingredients are quite inexpensive and there is no need for any baking in the oven with these ones either! Better yet you could make them all year round, just change up the shape and colour, even add different decorations to them. Easy!




Rice bubbles – Approx 5/6 cups

Butter – 3 tbsp

Marshmallows – 300g bag | Makes approx 14. You can use plain white if you like, I couldn’t find any so used this packet. The pink and white mix worked fine (the orange food colouring showed through very well ) however I would probably use a different packet of marshmallows if I made these again as I didn’t like the taste of these particular ones very much

M&M’s – Will only need the green ones for leaves

Chocolate almonds – Feel free to use anything you like as a “stem”. I couldn’t find Rolo’s chocolates so cut these into halves and used instead

Red & yellow food colouring – Depending on how orange you would like your pumpkin treats will be personal preference on how much food colouring you add in




☼ On your stove top, add the three tbsp of butter into a large pot over low heat and mix until it becomes a liquid. Add your marshmallows in next, I used the whole packet. Stir on low heat continuously until all the marshmallows have melted



☼ Remove your pot from the stove and start to add in your food colouring while the mixture is still warm. Add as much food colouring in as you like until you reach your desired colour



☼ You can add in your rice bubbles now. I added one cup at a time and then mixed it all in as the more rice bubbles you add the harder it gets to stir the mixture. I got up to 5 cups and found that was enough. Once you have stirred in all the rice bubbles into the marshmallow mixture you can now start to roll them into little balls! This bit is also a tad messy and a tad tricky !



☼ It took me a few good goes before I was able to successfully roll the marshmallow/rice bubble mixture into little balls as the mixture is VERY VERY sticky. Your best bet is to get a little bowl of olive oil and put a light coating over both your hands before you roll the mixture. This really helped as there was honestly no other way I was going to be able to roll the mixture in my hands without it all sticking together




☼ Once you have formed all the your rice krispie pumpkin balls you can now decorate them. I liked the idea of using green m&m’s as the leaves, but feel free to use whatever you wish for this section. I bought the almond chocolates to use as stems ( I didn’t end up needing to use the chocolate peanuts ) as I couldn’t find anything else that I was happy with and I simply cut these in half and they worked perfectly. Now pop into the fridge to set and voila all done!


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