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Going completely batty over these cute Halloween treats! 🦇 🦇

If yummy, cute, spooky and totally Halloween-y is what your looking for then boy do I have the perfect treat for you! I thought I would have a crack at making these yummy Oreo bat cookie balls that I’ve seen online. There are a few different versions of how to make them but I thought the Oreo cookie ball recipe were the cutest. They are super easy peasy to make and such a fabulous idea for Halloween (for kids AND adults!) Noah practically devoured them within a day!




⁎ Baking chocolate chips. I used milk chocolate

⁎ Oreo cookies crushed + enough for the wings | I used 20 cookies which equated to 14 cookie balls

⁎ Eyeball decorations

⁎ Cream cheese (room temp preferably) | 3 tablespoons added to crushed cookie mix made 14 cookie balls

⁎ Blender/food processor (If you have this otherwise not really needed)

⁎ Bake paper



🦇 Hot tip! Most of the recipes I found online listed a huge number of ingredients in the recipe and as I didn’t want to make such a large amount of cookie balls I winged it a little with the quantities of the ingredients. I found that by crushing up your Oreo cookies first you can gradually add your cream cheese into the mixture to get the consistency you want. You want the mixture to be sticky enough to be able to roll easily into little balls. You will see in the ingredients listed above the quantities I used to make 14 cookie balls so if you are needing to make more/less just adjust your ingredients slightly




⁎ You’ll need to start off by grounding your Oreos into small crumbs. If you don’t have a blender no need to fret! (this is what I did) Take a plastic sandwich bag, pop your cookies in and seal it up. Make sure the air is out of the bag too. You’ll just need a heavy object to crush them up (I used a rolling pin)


 ⁎ Next up you’ll need to add your cream cheese to your cookie mix and stir until combined


⁎ Roll the mixture into little balls (size wise your preference) pop them on a plate and set aside in the fridge for at least an hour to set




⁎ While the cookie balls are in the fridge you can prepare your Oreo wings. You’ll need to separate your Oreo cookie and scrape the cream off the sides. Once you’ve done that, lay them down flat and you can start to cut them in half. I found what works best is if you very slowly use a sawing motion with a knife back and forth, you should be able to get a nice clean cut through the cookie each time. Lay your cut cookies aside ready for the next step





⁎ Get your melted chocolate ready. Make sure you have a plate with baking paper on standby as well to pop your cookie balls on. Dip the cookie balls one at a time into your melted chocolate (I used a fork to help spread the chocolate around) and then lift them out and place onto your plate



⁎ Add the wings to your cookie balls quickly before the chocolate sets. You may need to hold the wings in place for a few seconds. Make sure you pop the candy eyes on as well

Pop back into the fridge and there you go! A super sweet chocolate-y batty treat for Halloween!




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